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A Complete Guide For Honeymoon Trip To Andaman

A Complete Guide For Honeymoon Trip To Andaman

Andaman and Nicobar archipelago is literally a tropical paradise located in the bay of Bengal. Spotless white sand beaches decorated by nature with palm trees and turquoise blue water. It is a group of 300 islands, out of which some are developed into tourism hubs and have been commercialized. While some are untouched and not habited by humans; it is virgin and pure nature.

If you are stuck in your run-of-the-mill life, then visiting Andamans would enliven it. The place has so much to offer, that it would add new colours to your palette. You would take charming memories back with you. This piece of land in Asia is away from the rest of the world and it would let your heart rest, and provide peace to your soul. You would find solace on the beaches and serenity in the view.

People from all around the world come to find mindfulness here in nature’s lap. If you are planning to go on a honeymoon trip, family tour, group trip, or even solo, Andaman has something to offer for everyone.

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Places to Visit and Enjoy in Andaman On Your Honeymoon Trip

Andaman has never-seen-before like marine life and sea caves that would mesmerise you. You get to see golden sunsets, captivating white sand beaches, limestone caves, and much more in Bartang island. Havelock island will make you scream wow with its sun-kissed beaches, pristine water, and more beauty.

1. Havelock Island

Havelock Island, Andaman
Havelock Island

Experience solitude in the burble of the ocean at the Radhanagar beach—one of the most famous beaches in Havelock island. Havelock can welcome more tourists now with abundant availability of resorts, attractions, and hotels. It promotes eco-tourism and you would be surprised by the variety of options available for staying here. The lighthouse here gives recognition to the island and it was established in the year 2005.

a) Radhanagar Beach

It is commonly called beach number 7. It was rated as the seventh best beach in the world by TIME Magazine in 2004 and the best beach in Asia. Relax your soul in the serenity and tranquility of the beach which is covered by coconut trees and tropical jungle from all sides. The moment you enter, the panoramic view of the beach will cast a spell on you. Crystal blue water splashing on the white sand, clear blue sky, and the best horizon you would ever see. The scenic beauty here is so compelling that you won’t be able to stop yourself from diving in the water.

The place has many benches, trees where you can chill and see the kids play with sand. Outside food is allowed, so you can relax with your friends and have some snacks. So, you get the best of both worlds here.

Enjoy as much as you want in the water with your loved one, as there are no restrictions here on swimming. The waves and current are mild. But for your safety, you should not go beyond 10 meters. Lifeguards are there if any mishap occurs. There are many huts present here and the one in the center of the beach provides the most spectacular view. You can take wondrous pictures here.

Activity- The main activities you can do here are sightseeing and swimming.

b) Kalapather Beach 

It is located at the corner of Havelock island and is a continuation of beach number 5. It is 6.5 kilometers away from the Havelock Jetty and you would find plenty of cafes and resorts along this path. The route itself is picturesque. The coal-black stones and azure water makes it one of the famous places to visit in Andaman.

Kalapather Havelock, Andaman
Kalapather Havelock, Andaman

Due to its popularity, the crowd here can be more during high season but if you wish to find solace then you can spend more time alone if you walk further south. There is one place here where you can find a secluded beach which was earlier an elephant training camp.

You can swim here also because the water is deep enough and the tides are low. There are corals present so you should be careful. Cute umbrellas and benches are present so you can do a little picnic also and enjoy with your partner on this romantic trip to Andaman. Mainly coconut water and mango juices are available here during season.

Activity: You can sunbathe and swim here. Enjoy the scenic beauty of the beach and alleviate your mood. The adamant black stones and pristine blue water make it the perfect location for a couple photoshoot. This is also one of the reasons for tourist attraction.

c) Elephant Beach

This bewitching and sequestered beach is located 8.6 kilometers away from the jetty. It is located in the northern part of Swaraj Dweep and you can reach there by boat or trekking through the forest. White beach and white sand covered with tall and lush green trees, it is a mesmerizing place, a literal wonderland.

Elephanta Beach, Havelock, Andaman
Elephanta Beach, Havelock, Andaman

You can enjoy multiple water sports here because it is super famous for this. Elephant beach is loved by adventure enthusiasts and people who love to do fun activities on their vacation. Elephanta beach has many fun and adventure water activities, like Parasailing, Jet Ski Ride, kayaking, and many more inflatable boat rides like banana ride, sofa boat ride, etc.

There are both hard and soft corals present here, due to which a wide variety of fishes can be seen. The clear blue water makes activities like snorkeling, sea walks, glass bottom, a beautiful experience. The tides are low and the currents are mild, so adventurous activities are possible without any obstacles.

2. Neil Island

Neil Island, Andaman
Neil Island, Andaman

If you are looking to quality time with your partner on your honeymoon trip to Andaman at a secluded, serene, peaceful place, then Neil island is the best option for you. There are fewer activities ro do and lesser resorts, hotels available, which makes it less crowded. 

Being a little bit isolated, most of the tourists who are on a honeymoon to Andaman love to spend time here. You can explore the villages and relax your soul here.

a) Laxmanpur Beach

It is the best beach in Neil island and you can hop for casual trips here. It is not far away from the Jetty and is located at just 2.6 kilometers. Within 15 minutes you can reach there. The view itself is so ravishing and you get to experience calmness. The water currents are quite high here, so you won’t see anyone swimming.

Activity- Sightseeing is the major activity you can do here. Also, you can explore the village in which the beach is situated—Laxmanpur Village.

b) Bharatpur Beach

This tranquil and charming beach is located just 500 meters from the Neil Jetty. You would like Bharatpur beach if you want to go to the beach but don’t wish to get all wet. For swimming, it is the best place because the currents are low and there are hard corals present. So you can freely swim your heart out.

If you love to watch the sunrise and sunsets with your partner on this romantic trip to Andaman, then don’t miss them here, as Bharatpur is famous for it. The rays of the sun shine on the blurbing water and the scene is just jaw-dropping.

As the shallow water ends and the beach develops depth, you can witness hard and soft corals, rich marine life. You can enjoy scuba diving as well. You just need to visit the deep diving area nearby.

Activity- You can go scuba diving, glass boat, etc activities and swim in the shallow water as well.

3. Port Blair

Port Blair—the capital city, is the entryway and shows you what the islands have to offer. You get to see the beautiful flora and fauna and diverse marine life of Andaman over here. Visit the museums and explore the marina park, indulge in knowing the place’s rich culture and diversity.

Munda Pahar Beach 

Munda Pahar beach is located in Chidiya Tapu which is just 25 kilometers away from Port Blair. Experience Andaman at its best over here with mangroves and mind-boggling sunsets. By road, Munda Pahar beach is just 40 minutes and you get to experience an out of this world view. The seabed is quite rocky, so you should not swim here.

The infrastructure and model of the beach has been redesigned since it started gaining popularity. If you are an adventurous couple, then you should go for a trek which is 1.5 kilometers to the south of Andaman at its southernmost tip. The path is a little perilous but all the hard work will be worth it when you reach the top. You would witness a scene which is ineffable—splendid water, stupendous sunset, a cute company of horizon. You can have a picnic here because a lot of benches are there and food and water is also abundant.

When is the Best time to Visit?

Although Andaman is an island, it enjoys tropical weather and is a year-round destination.

So if you are planning your honeymoon trip to Andaman, you can visit Andaman from September to May, which is considered the high season. June to August is also a good time to visit. September to May is a pleasant phase to come here because you can enjoy sightseeing and water activities to their best.

Places to Stay Comfortably On Your Romantic Trip

Andaman has various options for you to choose from when it comes to Hotels. Villas, camps, and resorts are also available. Below you can find top hotels to stay. From budget hotels to luxury hotels, you get everything here.

Budget Hotels

1. At Port Blair: Hotel SM and SL International

Hotel SL international is at a top location and the average rate is 2000/- per night (depends on the room you choose). It has food availability and multiple good restaurants are available. Elephant beach is just 5.5km away from here and cellular jail is at a distance of 6km.

2. At Havelock: Hotel Heaven Garden and Hotel Radhakrishna

Hotel Heaven Garden is located near to attractions like the Radhanagar beach and you must visit that. It provides the best dining options and you can go to outside restaurants too. Hotel Radhakrishna is located just 2kms from the Govindnagar beach and is a totally eco-friendly resort made with bamboo and canes. They provide 24*7 services and have facilities like attached cute bathrooms at the beach.

3. At Neil Island: Sandy Ridge Resort

Present at a great location, sandy ridge resort is a good choice. It has all the facilities available and you can enjoy food in nearby restaurants.

Mid Range Hotels

At Port Blair: Hotel Runwayinn and Hotel Star Paradise

At Havelock: Holiday and Holiday Beach Resort

At Neil Island: NK Eco Resort and Pearl Park Beach Resort

Luxury Hotels

At Port Blair: Hotel Lemon Tree

At Havelock: Sandy Waves Beach Resort

At Neil Island: Summer Sand Beach Resort

Legit Tips that work for Andaman Honeymoon Trip

Here are some legitimate tips that you should keep in mind if you are planning to go for your honeymoon trip to Andaman and wish to make your journey memorable with your partner.

The Cuisine

If you are a person who lives just to eat and to explore the cuisines of a place, then Andaman should be your top priority. You would fall in love with the seafood and other cuisines here. So, if you decide your destination on the basis of the variety of food available, then Andaman is for you. From continental to Indian, every type of food is available at ease.

You can go to four-star restaurants or local dhabas and you won’t be disappointed. Vegetarian people also have multiple options here and you need to be a little careful about what you are choosing. You can try the soft idlis at a dhaba or the aloo parathas at Havelock. Annapurna hotel is one of the best here when it comes to typical Indian taste.

Avoid Planning It Yourself

Thinking of planning your honeymoon trip to Andaman on your own?

Then let us give you a brief idea about it. Deciding the destination, which places you wish to visit, where to stay, where to eat, and other important stuff will make you go crazy. 

To avoid spoiling your mood before your trip, you should opt for a package. They are affordable, you get to visit multiple places and famous attractions. They will also guide you everywhere and let you know the do's and don'ts of the place. You get to experience Andaman and explore it with your heart out without thinking about your next island.

Kayaking and Fishing

You might be familiar with the hype of scuba diving and snorkeling at Andaman and it is on the bucket list of most couples. But to make things spicier and take back sweet memories, you can do some other activities like seabed walking, island camping, fishing, and kayaking. 

These adventurous activities will make the little kid inside you happy and give you beautiful memories to cherish. Kayaking at Havelock is highly recommended as you can enjoy the view of being in the middle of the ocean, far away from the chaos of the city.

Book Flower Bed Decoration and Beach Side Candle Light Dinner

Enjoy candle light dinner beside blurbing water at the beach, lime sand, peace, just the whistle of winds, a one-of-a-kind experience which is absolutely not possible in the city. You get to experience the epitome of romantic dinner here with your partner on this trip. For beach side candle light dinner, SeaShell at Havelock is a good option. However, keep in mind to do your bookings earlier. 

You can also opt for a Andaman honeymoon tour package which would make your hunt easy. Usually you get a flower bed, candle light dinner at the beach, and other things.

Go for a couple photography at Radhanagar Beach or Kalapathar Beach

Andaman is so amazeballs that people come here to cherish its beauty and of course, click a million photos. But what if you want startling pictures with your partner? Hire a photographer to make it possible! You must get a photoshoot done at Radhanagar beach or Kalapathar beach. 

Both the beaches have an out-this-world view and you would not want to regret it later. The astonishing and prodigious underwater corals are worth a shot! Get pictures clicked and lock-in your honeymoon memories forever.

Stay for minimum 2 Nights at Havelock

The sunsets and the flora at havelock are so astounding that you wouldn’t want to leave the place early. Stay a minimum of 2 nights here to enjoy it properly. Do water activities for which Havelock is super famous. Get a photoshoot done and go camping at the island. Your days will be limited but the fun you can get here will never be.

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