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A virgin land of the ocean the Andaman is being a fabulous part thousands of lives for hundreds of decades and the mesmerizing scenes still adore the sea shore. Andaman has been documented before 2200 years as the current Archaeological Evidence, but the isolation studies praise significant signs of inhabitancy from the tradition, genetic and linguistic from long more than 60 thousand years. Even in the age of Middle Palaeolithic, the residents keep their separation continue to the island, but they were diversifying the prosper land with their vast majority of local tribes, languages, territory and the rich traditions of each of them. The great Andamanese are known for their native representation of ten specific groups with different languages around the world. You can read the:, among them:

  • The Jarawa or Rutland Jarawa is a distinct wildlife territory.
  • The Onge is the most isolated region in the group
  • Nicobars separated from the Andaman, have two heads
  • Nicobarese/Nicobari habited through numbers of island
  • Shompen are enjoying the prosperous interior region of Great Nicobar

In the endowed geographically of Indian mainland the Andaman & Nicobar are a part of eastern water territory in the Bay of Bengal. An endowed hill range connected to Myanmar and Indonesia creating an infrequent facultative 582 islets in this unmatched island that is accomplished with rainy, sopped and endless green forest keeping the countless range of Peregrine flora and fauna. For the closer look on this beautiful island zoom the focus and you will see:

  • 550 islands are a very part of Andaman Group
  • 28 islands are still inhabited
  • 22 islands count in the Nicobar
  • 10 islands are still waiting for permanent residents

The bunch of these crystal islands of Andaman & Nicobar is divided by 150 km wide channel curved at 10 degrees.

Honored history of Andaman

The Andaman Island has respected recognition by putting its name in the great journey of Indian freedom, this historical title makes the Andaman is one of the most remembered places for the people of the families of Freedom Fighters throughout the nation. You can have a look for the:

  • Cellular Jail
  • Viper Island
  • Ross Island
  • Mount Harriet & Hometown

For the natural recognition, both of the Andaman & The Nicobar Islands are discovered as the two of the 218 endemic Bird habitation areas of the world. No wonder if there are more than 250 (about 270) species and sub-species of numerous birds have been recorded existing in this living paradise of nature. With the blessings of four side monsoons from the south west and north east monsoon canoodles, each living creature on the island with endless surrounding greenery draw a picture of Mother Nature that fondles the forest, fauna and even the each drop of the Ocean.

With this lovely bonding between nature and the creatures, there are about 106 species and subspecies are noted as endemic and some of them recognized as the Identity of the State as:

  • State Bird – Wood Pigeon
  • State Tree – Andaman Padauk
  • State Animal – Dugong

Because of this adorable natural diversity no wonder the Indian Central Government (As being a Central Govern Territory) established a fabulous nature wrap weft to care all the flora and fauna on the islands as there are:

  • 96 Wild life centuries
  • 9 National parks
  • 1 Biosphere reserved

With both of the natural and lively attractions, the numbers of tourists are increasing each season here.

Climate that adoring the Geography

Being a tropical region the South – West monsoon titillates the lives here by nourishing the forest till the May end and through the North – East monsoon islands get re-energetic the flies, skies the leaves and the corral of the varieties of animals in November. This made the Andaman & Nicobar is pretty cool, dry and easy to live, there are no hotty shining days, no teeth cutter nights and no blocked roads by overflowed drainages throughout the Island. In the simple words Andaman Island is one of the most efficient touring places of the world, no days demolish here due to climate, you will enjoy every minute of your package and return back with a lot of thanks to the Mother Nature to blessed you with harmony and peace in the mind by engaging each of the part and waves for unforgettable boating, snorkeling or swimming. You can visit the affectionate sights anytime in the entire calendar.

You can understand the lovely climate getting an ultimate balance of warmth and cool temperature if you belong to the north region of the nation, can enjoy and relax even between months of summer May, June & July along with the typical winter season of November to January. But if you have some different view regarding nature you must walk through here from May to December to view fascinate accessories of nature with waterfalls reciting at their best flow and the time of December to April it becomes pleasant for drivers.

  • Port Blair’s record says:
    • Rainfall 3900 mm   
    • Temperature: Minimum – 23.2 Degree C, Maximum – 25 Degree
    • Humidity – 80%

Administrative Background

Andaman & Nicobar Islands are a Union Territory that administratively constructed in three districts. Port Blair lies in the South part and titles under Andaman District. Mayabunder is the headquarters of North and Middle Andaman is separated from South Andaman (District) by a creek. Nicobar district has Car Nicobar as the head quarter. Andaman is pretty literate territory with 86.27% literacy in the 3, 79,944 people here (combined population of Andaman & Nicobar on the basis of 2011 Census)

Port Blair - The Capital of the Islands

Port Blair is the only gate way of Andaman & Nicobar, you need to step in and out from Port Blair to visit Andaman & Nicobar Islands are the beautiful capital of this Union Territory. People love this place for water plays such as Scuba Diving, Snorkeling, Sea – Cruises, Swimming, Under water seawalk, Coastal Reef views, etc. You can enjoy the city by visiting multiple museums, cultural shows, and the very famous Andaman Bazaar within the heart of the Port Blair.

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