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7 Best Beaches in Andaman That Will Steal Your Heart

7 Best Beaches in Andaman That Will Steal Your Heart

Taste a slice of heaven when you come to Andaman and witness its magnificence. The cerulean sky and azure waters along with extended white sand beaches. All of these beautiful phenomena merging with the horizon—A view to die for! The beaches in Andaman are one of a kind as the archipelago is 1400 km away from the coast of mainland India. Providing you an out of the city experience and you get to enjoy your vacation peacefully.

We are here with a list of 10 best beaches in Andaman that you must visit to make your job easier:

1. Radhanagar Beach (Havelock)

Radhanagar Beach, Andaman

This beach in Andaman Islands is so outstanding that you would be mesmerized by its glory all the time. It is super popular among the masses and is on the list of every travel package. It is Asia’s best beach as conveyed by the TIME Magazine and also world’s seventh best beach.

Radhanagar beach is the beach number 7 and is covered by tropical wilderness from all the sides. You would actually feel like you are in a parallel world. From the entrance itself, you would feel the vibe of this beach and would want to jump into the crystal blue water immediately. The panoramic view would cast a spell on you.

No limitation on swimming over here, so you can enjoy your dip to the fullest. However, do not go too far, keep yourself in the 10 meter radius only. If any mishap occurs, then there are lifeguards stationed. To click chic photographs, you can visit the hut in the center and get an awesome view.

Lockers are also available with a charge of 10 INR and showers are also available at 10 INR. You can go to watch the marvelous sunset on this island at 5:300pm. The seats may get full quickly, so arrive early and grab a spot. Radhanagar is one of the best maintained beaches in Andaman.

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2. Elephanta Beach (Havelock)

Elephanta Beach, Havelock, Andaman

At a distance of 8.6 kilometers from the Jetty, Elephant beach is located. It is one of the renowned places in Havelock with white stretches of sand and cyan waters. It is located on the northern Swaraj Dweep and mesmerizes tourists with its aura.

It has a lot of benches where you can sit and relax after enjoying so much. The depth of the water near shoreline is just 1 meter and you can freely swim here near the shoes as there are no hard corals and rocks present. It is the best beach in Andaman for your adventures as the currents here are not so wild and water sports are possible.

3. Kalapathar Beach (Havelock)

Kalapather Havelock, Andaman

Azure ocean on one side with black rocks and cerulean sky on top—A fictional view for sure! But here on Kalapathar beach, your fiction comes to life. It is the continuation of beach number 3 and it can be crowded here during high season. If you wish to find solace here, then you can walk towards the south, and you will find yourself alone.

Kalapather Beach, unlike other beaches in Andaman is not for swimming but the sea with different shades of blue makes it perfect for photography.

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4. Laxmanpur Beach (Neil)

Just 2.6 kilometers from the jetty, you would find Laxmanpur beach, which is located in Laxmanpur Village. You can reach there easily within 15 minutes. It is Neil island’s best beach and you can go for trips and sightseeing here. The scenic beauty is enchanting, that you would feel joyful all the time as you roam on this beach hugged by tropical forest.

The currents in water are a bit high here,so swimming or doing water activities is not safe and especially for beginners, it is a big No. The shape of Laxmanpur beach is triangular and you can view the horizon at its best from its point. Loose your body into the arms of nature here, as the major activity here is sightseeing. Laxmanpur is the best beach in Andaman to witness sunset.

5. Bharatpur Beach (Neil)

Bharatpur beach is located at a distance of 500 meters from the jetty and is a stupendous beach in Neil island. The waters are quite shallow, so you can swim freely and there are no hard corals as well. Here you will get to witness the breathtaking sunrise that spreads its rays over the waves of water and the white sand beach glistens. Bharatpur beach is the second best beach in Andaman to enjoy water sports/adventure activities in Andaman.

As you move ahead, the water catches depth and some of the best marine life of Andaman resides here. You can opt for snorkeling, glass bottom boat rides, scuba diving, etc and get to see the most iconic views of Andaman’s Marine life.

6. Sitapur Beach (Neil)

One of the hushed beaches of Neil island is Sitapur beach which is located on its tip. It is not that widely famous among tourists and hence, the crowd is less and also the damage is less. You get to experience raw, wild nature and feel isolated from the mainstream world. Go for a walk along the shoreline—No noises, carefree, just quiet and pleasant voices of nature. Enjoy the sunrise here at beach number 5 and Sitapur is also named “sunrise beach of Andaman”.

7. Corbyn's Cove Beach (Port Blair)

This crescent shaped beach is popular in Andaman and 7 out of 10 people visit it. An ideal place for swimming in the perfect waves and enjoying the ecstatic view. You don’t need to worry about your feet being bit by a creature, as there are no underwater corals and the sand is also stiff to keep your feet stable. The beach is kind of divided into two parts—one for swimming and one for chilling. During high tides, this also serves as a boundary. Enjoy a tiny trek here by walking from the right side of the beach and then relax on the benches present and let your worries fade away while you enjoy the refreshments.

You must not forget to visit these beaches in Andaman. Make sure you plan your dates wisely and avoid going during high season, as it would be too crowded and you may miss out on some fun activities like spending alone time on some beach.

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