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Andaman Or Goa: Which is Better

Andaman Or Goa: Which is Better

Andaman or Goa both are awesome choices. You would find yourself being confused between the two while choosing a beach destination. Both Goa and Andaman possess historical roots. Goa was influenced by Portuguese and Andaman by Britishers. So, if you visit any of them, you would surely find historic places to visit. Goa is mainly known for its party and chill vibes while Andaman is more about its tropical, island, and exotic vibes. 

We are here to solve this problem as we have made comparisons between the two places. These might help you in choosing your next destination.

Days Required and Distance


Goa is a small place but damn entertaining. It is not that large and most of it you can complete in a week. So, within a week's time you can enjoy Goa to its fullest.

When it comes to the proximity, then for Mumbaikars, Goa is super close and they can reach easily via railways. You can consider a day for traveling and reaching the destination. As it would be different for different people coming from various areas. 

You can enjoy nightlife at its best in Goa and chill with your companions. You can cover the major attractions of Goa in under a week. 

For the people from western coast of India, Goa is closer and many groups of friends come here to spend fun nights. They can come and leave as per their convenience by a car also. 

Because Goa is easily accessible for most of the people it doesn’t excite much.


Andaman is all about serene beaches and multiple exciting activities to do. There’s no place on earth like Andaman, beautiful and adventurous. The thought of visiting Andaman alone can make you excited. It should be on everyone's bucket list. It is easier for people of Chennai and Kolkata to reach Andaman and it would be a little hassle for people from other places to reach here. Therefore, counting 24 hours for just reaching the destination would be ideal. 

Andaman is more about experiences than just major attractions. There are so many things to see and do in Andaman. Andaman is one of the best places for Honeymoon, there are various Honeymoon tour packages listed in our website.

Reaching Andaman and leaving it quickly is not that possible and you need to have a holiday of several days to relish Andaman. You can not just explore it within a couple of days.

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If we talk about Goa, then the flight tickets to Goa are obviously cheap if compared to Andaman. You can cut costs in hotels or accomodation if you are on a budget. If you are a party person, then obviously you will choose Goa as the liquor prices here are cheap. The nightlife is spectacular and the cocktails that the bars make are mouthwatering. You can easily access Goa by your car. 


Andaman is not as cheap as Goa. Airplane tickets to Andaman would cost quite much more than Goa and especially if it is the high season. The prices of Goa tickets would not hike as much as Andaman's. Accessing Andaman by your car is next to impossible as it is an island. If you wish to cut costs, then visit Andaman during off season and the plane tickets would be cheaper. You can enjoy Andaman throughout the year. 

Goa will be obviously cheaper than Andaman but Andaman will give you rich experiences.


The crowd that comes to Goa is a mixture of domestic and international tourists. Goa is a major weekend chill destination for Indians. Whereas tourists from around the world come to Goa for a week or two. Andaman receives international as well as domestic tourists in large numbers, especially during the high season. The local people of Andaman are habitual to tourists. 

The Nature

When it comes to natural beauty, Andaman wins. Nature is at its best in these two places and they are India's best natural gems which have not been swallowed by human greed. You can visit any of the two places if you are a nature lover. However, Andaman is an island that offers more in terms of natural beauty and variety. There are a ton of unique and rare species of flora and fauna in Andaman. 


People come to Goa to party hard and get drunk mostly. The nightlife in Goa is amazing and if you are a party freak, then Goa is calling you. Andaman is not defined by nightlife and parties, it’s all about peaceful evenings and adventurous days. The best clubs in Goa are mainly in the Anjuna area and the Anjuna beach is for party people as it throws parties every night. So, for nightlife, Goa is the best choice. 

Water Sports

Andaman is the champion when it comes to water sports. From several years, the water sports in Andaman is continuously improving and the safety of these is tested from time to time. Professional instructors and their experience makes the rides safe for everyone. 

Goa also has water sports but the variety is less. The banana boat ride and parasailing are the best options for water sports in Goa. However, the safety of other rides is not assured. Andaman beats Goa in water sports as it has variety and safety. 

Best Visiting Time

You should ideally visit Goa during the winters as there will be a perfect climate to enjoy. The beaches will be adorned with breathtaking views of sunset. Andaman is enjoyable throughout the year irrespective of the climate. You can enjoy Andaman even during the monsoons. The ideal time to visit Andaman would be Summers but the plane tickets would be expensive. So, if you don't wish to shell out big, then choose the off season. 


There are two malls in Goa, but you should shop from street stalls as they have mostly unique stuff. You can take back souvenirs and your friends back home will love it. Andaman does not have any malls. This is to encourage you for street shopping. They sell handmade, rare pieces that you must give a look.


Goa and Andaman both are safe places to visit. Even female travelers are safe in these places. There are strict rules against mobbing, robbery in Goa and you can roam around freely. In Andaman also, you are safe and need not worry about getting robbed. 

People from India can visit Goa multiple times but for most Andaman is a lifetime opportunity and experience. In a nutshell, you should not miss Andaman because ‘zindagi na milegi dobara’. What are you waiting for? Book Andaman tour package today.


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