Three water sports activities you should not miss at Andaman Islands.

If you are planning a trip to Andaman Islands, you must get ready to enjoy exciting water sports activities in Andaman Islands. The crystal clear waters, white sandy beaches, beautiful corals and the clean environment, all together makes it the best place for watersports activities like Speed boat rides, Snorkelling, Swimming, Scuba Diving and Underwater Seawalk. All these activities can be done by swimmers and non swimmers, first timers and experienced; everyone will find Andaman Islands super exciting when it comes to water sports activities. Banana ride is one of the exciting rides, in which people sit on an inflated banana which is then dragged into the sea and while turning everyone falls from the banana, likewise sofa ride, jetski ride, etc are there. Three best activities that one should not miss when planning a visit to Andaman are listed below...

Scuba Diving

Scuba Diving is one of the most famous water sports activity in Andaman Islands, most of the beaches in Andaman is gifted with breathtaking corals and underwater life. The best part is the crystal clear waters of these islands, because of these clear waters novice diver can even get a clear glimpse of the corals and fishes even in shallow waters near the shore and therefore even a non swimmer can also experience underwater world in Andaman Islands. Diving for novice divers are conducted mainly at North Bay, Havelock Island, Elephanta Beach and Neil Island. A single dive of half an hour may cost Rs. 3500/- per person. Upon visiting dive resort they will first ask you to fill the form and after this they will instruct you about the safety procedures and underwater signals, once you are ready they will take you the place where diving is conducted. At the time of diving there will be one or two divers always along with you to assist you and for your safety. The will also shoot underwater photographs which will be given to you along with a certificate. You either should take a pen-drive or a phone with sufficient memory to get the photographs.

Scuba Diving

Underwater Seawalk

Underwater Seawalk facility is one of its kind in India, this activity is can be compared to walking in another planet or living the fairy tales. Imagine yourself standing below 10 meters deep sea, imagine beautiful colourful fishes swimming around you and coming towards you when you wish, imagine a world of colourful corals around you, you are standing in between these without any difficulty of breathing. Isn't it like fairy tales?

Underwater Seawalk is an activity in which one wears a helmet, into which air is supplied from a compressor, the compressed air prevents water from rising above a certain limit into the helmet, in this way the system helps you to breathe normally inside the water, while keeping your head dry. It's a safe activity, you can wear your eye glasses, even makeup and can experience Underwater Seawalk. The activity can be done by people of age between 7 to 70 years, without any problem. Unlike scuba diving, there's no need of carrying heavy equipments, there's no need of swimming skills, in fact you will always remain in your natural standing position during seawalking. If you are coming to Andaman Island for holiday, Underwater Seawalk is definitely recommended.

Underwater Sea Walk


Snorkelling is one of the most famous activities for watching corals, it just requires snorkelling tube, snorkelling glass and little swimming skills but if you are at Andaman Islands, you don't even need swimming skills as the snorkelling guide will assist you with the help of lifebuoy. At North bay, Jollbouy and Elephanta beach, you will find snorkelling guides, who will assist you just for Rs. 500 to Rs. 800 per half an hour, the will even provide you equipments. Yes, it's inexpensive too. The crystal clear waters of Andaman Islands are ideal for snorkelling as the visibility inside the sea is more than anywhere else in the world. You can see many colourful fishes including clownfish (nemo), phantom banner fish, zebra fish, etc.


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