Snorkeling at Elepanta Beach

“While I was there with my family and my children were dancing around in their bathing suits and the cool breeze was blowing over us while we sat in the shadow of the big tree with a spread on the shore, I completely forgot I had cancer.”

Why should you visit Elephanta Beach?

The reason of you visiting Elephanta beach is simply- because it exists. It is hard to find such priceless places in the world. This place is ideal for relaxing and spending leisure time with your loved ones with food and drink. This is a place highly recommended by all the locals and also the tour guides. And once you have been there, it is hard to let go. You will always want to come back for more. To summarize few of the many many reasons you should visit here, they are:-

  1. Picturesque view- It is a secluded beach with clear blue waters and sky white sand. Not just fauna, the flora of this place will also capture your heart.
  2. Flora and Fauna- Ancient trees cast ample shadow for you to camp under. Also, there are some old trees lying around on which you can sit and chat, take pictures which make the beach more enchanting.
  3. Corals- The corals here remain one of the best on the island with the reef being close to the shore. This thus makes an excellent spot for snorkelling.
  4. Water sport activities- There are plenty of things for you to do here. The underwater life is truly amazing and so will be yours once you visit this beach. You can take sea-walking and snorkelling tours.
  5. Secluded- The cherry on the cake is that it is secluded. It does not mean that it is not crowded. No. people from all parts of the world flock to Elephanta beach to have the time of their lives. But, it is secluded from the busy city life. In a way, if you agree, it takes you away from your problems and complication in the reality.

A tourist who was a cancer patient solely came here to relieve herself of the stress and when asked, she said, “While I was there with my family and my children were dancing around in their bathing suits and the cool breeze was blowing over us while we sat in the shadow of the big tree with a spread on the shore, I completely forgot I had cancer.” She said that it was her therapy in nature.

  1. Food- In high season, there are a couple of vendors selling fresh fruits and coconuts and one can even find some water and snacks on the crowded part of the beach. The best option is that you bring your own food and have a picnic spread while sitting on the shore enjoying the beautiful view Elephanta Beach offers.

How to get there?


Elephant Beach is located in Havelock Island. If you haven’t been there, then you have missed an opportunity to see one of the greatest parts of Andaman. You can reach the beach from the main jetty which is around 20 minutes by boat from the Havelock Island dock. The ride is comfortable and covers the route while it sails across the beautiful azure water. You will be able to see beautiful marine creatures- fishes and starfish are the most seen underwater species. Also, if you look hard enough through the boat, you can also see some beautiful coral reefs.

Travelling by boat is the best and the most exciting way to reach the beach. You will not be bored and the underwater will be full of surprises. Also, for people who love taking and posting pictures on Facebook and Instagram, the boat ride is not to be missed. If you manage to go in the wee hours of the evening, you an see the most beautiful view of all- The sunset. The sound of the splashing waves, the underwater species greeting you and the beautiful sunset make the most amazing combination of all. It will soothe your mind and soul. The boat ride to Elephant beach passing through the light house is amazing.

You can also go some distance by a vehicle and then a 45 minute trekking through the jungles. But you should avoid trekking during rainy season because it becomes muddy and slippery and hence, dangerous.

Best time to visit-

The best thing about Elephanta Beach is that it has no bad time to visit. Anytime you go there, you will have an amazing and a memorable experience. That is guaranteed. But for those who want to capture the fun and the picturesque view in a single time frame i.e. the best time to visit, the months of October to May are the most preferred months. These months are an ideal time to visit because during this season the sea remains calm and fit for water activities as well. It is important that you plan your trip around this time to witness the best of what Elephanta has to offer.

Apart from the scenic beach, there are many other attractions to see around the Elephant Beach. Radhanagar Beach, Govindnagar Beach and Kalapathar Beach are worth exploring to make holidays in Andaman memorable one.

Things to have:

  • Sunscreen
  • Caps or sunglasses
  • Variety of food is not available. So, you can bring your own food.
  • Camera

Things to do:

Glass bottom boat rides- It is exactly how it sounds. A boat ride which makes you one with the Sea and the species within it. If you are here in Elephanta Beach, you cannot miss the mirror boat rides. It is like a theatrical experience which leaves you awestruck and flabbergasted. You will have an experience of a lifetime.

Snorkeling- It is one of the best places for snorkeling. Not just elders, even kids can do it with ease. The view is breath taking. The presence of coral and marine life adjacent to the shore added to the fun and adventure.

Sea walking- Ever heard of walking under the sea? If you haven’t, Elephanta Beach will give you the answer. Sea walking is an adventurous underwater sport activity which is very famous in Elephanta Beach.

  • How it works?

A helmet with a transparent visor is placed on your head. A special apparatus allows normal breathing under the water. Life Guards assist in taking you underwater and accompany you throughout the walk to guarantee your maximum safety. Once there you will experience the undersea world from close and will enjoy walking on the ocean floor which feels like walking on the moon.

You will feel light and fresh and so full of life. Going for a sea walk is like going for an underwater tour inside the reef, walking between the corals, seeing variety of fish, and discovering the rich sea life in the crystal clear blue water of the Beach.

  • Is it safe?

Absolutely. There will be a certified guide with you at all times to guide you through the process. Anyone from between the ages of 8 and 70 can go on a sea walk without any difficulties. The guide will ensure your safety at all times, from the beginning of the tour till the end. But people suffering from Asthma and Heart problems and also pregnant women are restricted to do this activity.

  • Sea walk timings?

Boat ride starts at 8:30 AM and is until 2:00 PM.

Swimming- People who want to feel refreshed after getting tanned in the sun can enjoy a quick swim and have an adventure of their own. It is still advised to not go very far away from the shore but swimming in the beautiful crystal waters of the Elephanta is an experience of its own.

Gaze at the sunset or sunrise- Who doesn’t like a beautiful sky with a beautiful sunrise or sunset. To lie down on the shore with your loved ones with food and drinks by your side, away from the care of the world and to see the wonderful sunset is an amazing experience. If you gaze long enough, you will feel that its just you and the sky.

Sunbathing- To all the lazy bones out there, this is an activity for you. All you need to do is lie there and get a beautiful sun tan. This is an activity who are not that adventurous and have come here just to relax and have a good time. Well, you couldn’t have come to a better place. But the sun rays are very sharp and crisp and therefore plenty of sun screen is recommended.


Things to keep in mind on the Elephanta beach:

  • Apply lots and lots of sunscreen lotion.
  • Wear sunglasses or caps to prevent sun burns
  • Don’t litter anywhere.
  • Don’t throw garbage or plastic in the water

What? Aren’t these reasons enough? So, Come on adrenaline junkies, grab your bags and hop on to Elephanta beach for your next trip! It is not to be missed!

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