When you are visiting Andaman and Nicobar Islands, the one thing you most want are- photographs. And, when you are there with your significant other, you need someone to click your pictures together and make a memory of it. Well, there couldn’t be a better place filled with so much scenic beauty as in Andaman. So, if you are lucky enough to get here, get luckier by getting your pictures clicked.

 There are so many amazing photographic locations in Andaman. The best of them are as follows:-

Photographic destinations

In Havelock Island:-

  • Radhanagar Beach Sunset and the flora around it it.
  • Underwater images among the corals and the beautiful fishes
  • Around the turquoise beach water.

In Port Blair:-

  • Carbyns Cove beach during sunrise
  • Mount Harriet with a view of both North Bay Island and Ross Island
  • Sunset at Chidiatapu
  • The panaromic ride to Red Skin Island

Neil island:-

  • Sunset at Laxmanpur Beach
  • Natural Rock Formation
  • Photographers in Andaman Island:

The Photographers are found mainly in Port Blair, however, in case you wish to do a photoshoot in Havelock or Neil Island then that is possible. The above mentioned places are among the best places for photographs. But, Couples mostly prefer Havelock Island as their photograph destination. The couples prefer to have a photo shoot at Radhanagar Beach or by the beach side resorts. Andaman Islands is a gift to photographic memories and should not be missed.

What to expect when you hire a photographer?

Almost everything is included when you hire a photographer in Andaman. It includes Camera Cost, Photographers Charge, Editing, Equipments and Extra Prop. Soft copies of the photographs will be provided.

The Price range

At Port Blair - For 1 Point Photoshoot at any of the beach - 4000 Rupees. Includes 75 RAW Images. The top 25 Among these raw images will be processed and soft copies will be given.

At Port Blair - For 2 Point Photoshoot at any of the beaches or view points - 6000 Rupees. Includes 75 RAW Images. The top 25 Among these raw images will be processed and soft copies will be given.

At Havelock Island - For Radhanagar Beach, Kalapathar Beach Or Any location around the resort that you are staying - 8000 Rupees + The Transport Cost of the Photographer to Havelock Island which usaully comes to around 4000 for a Day. Includes 100 RAW Images. The top 30 Among these raw images will be processed and soft copies will be given. The photographer will come from Port Blair to Havelock Island in the morning and will depart by 3:30 PM in the final ferry. In case, you are planning for a night photoshoot then an additional day cost will be applicable.

At Neil Island - The charges remain the same as in Havelock Island i.e. 8000 Rupees.

The above photographs are taken by V. Murli. For a great Photoshoot experience, contact him. The contact details are down below:-

V. Murli

  • Phone-9679504934
  • Email id- v.murli@hotmail.com

In the age where Instagram and Facebook rules the social media circles, photographs at amazing destinations are a must and for couples, this is no less than a heaven. A heavenly destination that brings at your feet scenic moments with your partners that you will never forget.

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