Cuisines available in Andaman and the best places to get them

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Cuisines available in Andaman and the best places to get them!

You can get both North Indian and South Indian food here as the cuisine is marked by the essence of the people who have been in touch with this Island. A variety of sea foods such as fish, lobsters, prawns and crabs are available at local joints. Since, Andaman is all about beaches, therefore you will get a rich collection of seafood to enjoy. Sea food lovers will have amazing experience on this Island. The best way to find out the place you want is to walk around, mingle with the locals and figure out a place to eat.

According to the ratings of the restaurants and joints in Andaman, the following are the top 10 places to enjoy dining:

  1. Something Different- A Beachside Café

Location- Havelock Island

True to its name, “Something Different” offers a spectacular and exceptional dining experience. Imagine yourselves sitting in an amiable café with a hot meal and a truly marvelous view of the turquoise blue Andaman Sea.

They serve Indian, Chinese and Continental dishes along with milkshakes and light snacks. It is located at Beach No. 2 on Havelock Island and is only a few minutes from the local market.

  1. Full Moon Café

Location- Havelock Island

The ambience in Full Moon Café is to die for. It has a view of the beach, friendly staff and delightful food. It serves original American pancakes, a wide variety of freshly brewed coffee, amazing desserts and to top it all off authentic and tasty seafood. This place boasts of all items being prepared using local and fresh ingredients.

The cherry on the cake is the setting of this café. It is cozy with confortable sofas, pleasant music and ambient lighting. The staff is very polite and friendly. It has all you are looking for in a fine dining experience.

  1. Anju Coco

Location- Beach No. 5, Havelock Island

Anju Coco is considered to be the best seafood restaurant on the island. It is well decorated and has a great ambience. This place is well known for its grilled fish, prawns and lobsters. Their variety of fish is widespread but their barbequed tuna is what tourists vouch for. It offers a great value of money and is a heavenly experience for the seafood lovers.

This restaurant is seen to be crowded most at breakfast and they also serve special cocktails and juices.

  1. Red Snapper

Location- The Wild Orchid, Havelock Island

Red Snapper is the go-to restaurant for a seafood fix. Part of the Wild Orchid Resort, the restaurant exudes a rustic charm replete with bamboo-heavy furnishings and a thatched roof to blend in with the tropics.

It has an appealing thatched-roof with polished-bamboo decor which radiates a romantic island ambience. The delicacies served here include lavish seafood platters, pepper-crust tuna and handmade pasta. The outdoor deck seating is a good spot for a beer.

  1. Ha-O

Location- Sun Sea Resort, Port Blair, South Andaman Island.

Tired of the local cuisine? Ha-O is famous for their Punjabi delicacies and gives you a touch of the North Indian food. At times, people who go for long stay at Andaman get tired of seafood and continental food. This restaurant is a respite to those people.

It offers a good mix of Punjabi favorites- including a tandoori menu. It also has a Purple Bar housed within its premises where you can drop by for some drinks.

  1. New Lighthouse Restaurant

Location- Rajiv Gandhi Nagar, Port Blair

This is an open-air restaurant which is best known for its grilled fish, lobsters and crabs. This place will provide you with a dhaba like atmosphere but is assuredly clean and hygienic. You get a choice as to whether you need dishes with gravy or grilled. They serve you freshly grilled lobsters which is a good combination with beer.

You can come here, sit on the roof-top, enjoy a few many cold breeze and eat away. This will leave you with a rustic dining experience which is very hard to find.

  1. Ananda Restaurant

Location- Aberdeen Bazar, Rajiv Gandhi Nagar, Port Blair

Andaman is a place for sight-seeing and numerous times you focus on the places to see and it turns out that after sight visit, you are hungry and there is no food joint available nearby. Well, not in this case! This restaurant finds its existence near the Cellular Jail and Gurudwara. Both these places are swamped with tourists and this restaurant is the palce for them. Even if you are on a tuk-tuk an ask for a place to eat, they will most likely recommend Ananda.

The ambience is not very sophisticated. It is simple and service is prompt. It has  a reasonable price and they serve quality food. The Nicobari Chicken is highly recommended. The best part is, it even offers a decent spread for vegetarians. This place is generally very crowded during lunch and therefore getting there early will serve you best.

  1. Barefoot Bar and Restaurant

Location- Radhanagar Beach, Havelock Island

Barefoot Bar & Restaurant is an elegant place, like a resort. It should not be confused with Barefoot Bar & Brasserie (B3) which is near Havelock Jetty. Barefoot Bar & Restaurant is part of the renowned Barefoot Resort. It offers a variety of seafood. You can find unusually large lobsters and crabs prepared delicately.

One can savour Indian and Continental dishes prepared by skilled chefs. Right next to the restaurant is a bar lounge where guests can enjoy drinks over jazz music in a quaint setting. If you are visiting Radhanagar Beach from another part of the island, it is worth grabbing a sandwich or pasta with fresh juices in the lounge area.

  1. Mandalay

Location- Fortune Resort Bay Island, Port Blair, Andaman and Nicobar Islands

The view of this place is beyond phenomenal. It is the best place to spend a long evening in. Seafood lovers can dig into fresh fish, crab and lobster. This menu also accommodates Chinese and Indian Cuisine.

It has a romantic seaside setting with a gorgeous view of the Ross Island and a lighthouse. Sea breeze keep you cool as you dine by candlelight on lobster or Andaman Fish Curry. There is no place better to just sit and enjoy a long meal.

  1. Garden View Restaurant

Location- Neil Island

This restaurant is situated in the middle of a lush garden not far away from the Sitapur Beach. It offers delicious and affordable seafood dishes. It is decorated with seashells, recycled glass bottles and colourful lights. It is a place to enjoy a meal close to nature. The highlight of the menu is the grilled fish.

They also serve Indian dishes and a variety of fruit juices. It has a brilliant view and the meals are fresh and warm.



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