New Things You Can Do on Your Annual Andaman and Nicobar Islands Holiday

Never forego your vacations because they give you the memories and help revive the fresh feeling in your mind. It is an investment everyone should make and the head of the family has the responsibility of picking the destination that thrills and has many affordable options. In this case, you are in the cushy seat with a ticket for the Andaman and Nicobar Islands.

Fill Your Vacations to the Brim

Do plenty of activity – you can do some of them only at the Andaman and Nicobar Islands. But, planning ahead helps you make the right choice in case something crops up and suddenly find yourself short of time. So, go through the entire list and see which activities you must not miss and which ones you can afford to.


Trekking and snorkeling are among the best pastimes on Andaman and Nicobar Islands. Elephant Beach at Havelock Island is one of the best places for snorkeling. The name for the beach comes from the huge number of elephants on the beach. You can ride them if you want to.

South Button is an island, a small distance away from Havelock that is wonderful for snorkeling. It costs 4000 INR for one snorkeling trip. If you prefer a less-crowded option, then go to Neil Island. You will have the freedom or exploring beaches by yourself. The North Bay Island, Port Blair is also good for snorkeling. But, you will have more tourist rush here because it is so close.

Scuba Diving

Aquarium is the best place for scuba diving for beginners. The depth is not more than 30-35 feet and you have lots of fish and marine life here. This is on Havelock Island.  If you are an expert diver, then head for Barracuda City.  The depth of the waters here is 80-90 feet and you will find many secrets in the unexplored depths here.

For a secluded experience, head to Neil Island. The best place is Bus Stop that has small reefs with sandy bottoms. The depth of the water is 50-60 feet. And experience night time scuba diving at Lighthouse.  This is at Havelock Island and the water depth is 20-40 feet. You get to see many different fish species such as the Humpback Parrot fish, lobster, and octopus.

Trekking to Munda Pahar

The Munda Pahar beach is 25 kilometers from the capital city Port Blair. This is famous as a trekking trail and is close to the Chidiya Tapu beach. This is the best sunset point in the Andamans. You can see many kinds of birds here giving it its name.

Chidiya Tapu meaning ‘Island of Birds.’  Coral viewing and fishing are the other two activities for the tourists. You  can trek to the southernmost point of South Andaman through the lush forests on the beach at Chidiya Tapu. If you go by afternoon, you can return in time to watch the sunset. You will not have any restaurants but if you go to the entrance, you can see a few food stalls.

You get to see orchids and the white-spotted deer here.  Other than that, you will find an astonishing collection of seashells here. You can go up to the forest guest house on top of the hillock and get a commanding view of the setting sun from there.

Kayaking in mangroves

Havelock is a wonderful kayaking destination for holiday makers. The two to three hours sea-kayaking trip costs 2500-3000 INR. They also have night kayaking for the more adventurous spirited. The Andaman Mangroves is one-fifth of the total mangroves in India. They give you refreshments and a life-jacket and you will be accompanied by an instructor. This is a wonderful experience but the weather must  hold if you wish to go kayaking. They do not allow kayaking in bad weather.

Underwater seawalk

You need not know swimming for this underwater seawalk. You go to Havelock Island Dock and take a boat to Elephant Beach. Then, you wait for your turn for the Sea Walk. They place a helmet on your head. This has breathing apparatus attached so you can breathe underwater. The instructor will accompany you and take photographs if you want them. The walk lasts for 20-30 minutes and costs 3500 INR per adult.

Coral Safari Semi Submarine

The Coral Safari is a boat that takes you to the deep sea and allows you to see the underwater life from the comfort of your air-conditioned cabin. This is possible because the bottom of the 100-seater boat has glass windows. You get to see colorful corals and rare species of fish from close range. It is a remarkable experience. The cost for this is about 1800 INR.

Game Fishing

Indulge in the best watersport of all time, fishing at Andaman and Nicobar Islands. You have coral trout, grouper, red snapper, sailfish, bluefin, and more in the clear waters surrounding the island. Many of these weigh more than 20 kilogram. You have many jigging points around the island. Choose a good vessel and you are good to go.

Island Hopping

The entry point for all island hoppers is Port Blair. All boats reach here early in the morning allowing you to move to the other islands before it gets late. Neil Island is an unspoilt island that has plenty of activity like scuba diving and trekking. The ticket price from Port Blair to Neil Island is 196 INR. You can buy them once you are aboard.

The other islands include Long Island that has dense forests and a decent beach. This remote island has no tourist infrastructure. The roads are narrow and you must walk all the way. Again, the price by boat is 196 INR. When you travel north you come to the village of Kalipur on North Andaman. Here you can experience peaceful village life.

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Low Budget Family Vacation to the Exciting Andaman and Nicobar Islands


Couple on the beach

When you talk of vacations, people immediately think of big expenses. You can have dirt cheap vacations if you plan them well. The idea is to cut out the extravagant spending and yet, have a wonderful time. Here are some ideas about how you can have a terrific beach vacation for the family in a fabulous place. Yes, it is the Andaman and Nicobar Island Holiday trip made to thrill you.

Importance of Planning the Vacation

Chalk out the itinerary because that is the key to the budget travel and holidays. Consult your tour organizer on the time you remain at the hotel and when you will be out visiting. Keep a note of this as this will help you keep a check on the expenses.

Tips to book a low budget family vacation

Vacations are a fun time and the excitement lies in visiting a new place and doing new things. This year go on an exotic beach vacation to a place with plenty of water and stretches of white sand. Go to the Andaman and Nicobar islands and have the best time you ever had. Of course, it takes some planning and if do this well, you will come back with lovely memories. You will have plenty of precious photographs and videos that will live forever with you!

Advance booking for the flight ticket

First thing is to book your flight tickets well ahead of time. The reason is that the prices of the ticket become more when you do not give yourself enough time. If you book the flight ticket for tomorrow, it will cost more than if you book it for the next week. Also, this gives you plenty of leeways to make changes to the vacation program. In most cases, if you cancel your ticket or tour program 20-30 days ahead of the booking date, you do not lose any money. You can then choose a new date for your tour without losing money. 

Use the services of a local tour operator

Most of the local tour operators have the best deals – the hotel stay, and the sights tour.  The tour operators have the cheapest deals that take you through the entire vacation without a hitch and lets you do the best things. Their professional touch will help you because they have done it hundreds of times and so the error margin is very low. You can go through the tour itinerary with precision and at the least cost.

Plan day trips from Port Blair

The best plan is to stay at Port Blair and make day trips to Havelock and Neil Island. You must visit Havelock Island and see the most beautiful beach in Asia – Radhanagar beach. 

Put aside 3-4 nights stay at Port Blair. You can stay one night at Havelock Island and one night at Neil Island. From Havelock island, you can go to Neil Island. There is a ferry to take you there.  This is a lush green island with tropical forests. You can spend time on the picturesque beaches of  Lakshmanpur, Sitapur, and Bharatpur.  If you have time and your budget allows you, make a trip to the Limestone caves on the Baratang Island trip.

Opt for Non AC car travel

The holiday package comes with options such as Deluxe, Standard, and Cost Saver Package. You have to specify that you want the Cost Saver Package. The distance is hardly more than 10-20 minutes between most of the destinations and the hotel. You will be there before you know it or feel the heat. Also, you get to enjoy the pleasure of the open air on your face as this will invigorate you on your holiday. 

Pick May for your beach holiday

This is the best time of the year for budget travelers. You have rains from June to September. During May, the beach is perfect, the hotel rates are lower, and there is no rain to spoil your vacation. From October to January, the hotels will have lots of crowds and the rates will be more. Also, the sea is calm during the February-May period that helps you indulge in swimming or scuba diving without any disturbances. So, you must choose your vacation between February and May. 

Pick 2-star hotels and shared boats

There is wisdom in doing this. The difference in service and facilities between the 2-star and the 3-star hotels is not much. The cost is and so if you pick the 2-star hotel, you will get almost the same facility for a much lower rate. Also, you might make a good choice if you pick North Bay instead of Elephant Beach as the rates are much lower. When you go to Havelock jetty from Elephant Beach, use shared boats. It will cost only 700-800 INR whereas, if you use a private speedboat, it will cost 3000 INR. The fare, in both cases, includes fees for the guide and snorkeling charges. 

Book flights that arrive early 

If you planning to visit Havelock and you arrive before 11 AM, you can go straight to Havelock and stay there. This saves you a day and money. From there, you can make your trip forward to Neil Island and to Port Blair. 

Choose snorkeling over scuba diving

If you want to indulge in water sports activity, choose snorkeling over scuba diving. Scuba diving costs upward of 3500 INR per person while snorkeling will only cost 400-800 INR. Depending on whether you want underwater photography or not the price will go up or remain low.

Pick the right booking options 

When you book yourself into the hotel, they will ask what type of plan you want. This refers to the meals you will have and this is the way to choose your plan.

  • AP: American Plan – Room booking and you have all meals – Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner.
  • MAP: Modified American Plan – Room booking and you have Breakfast and one major meal alone.
  • CP: Continental Plan – Room booking and you have Breakfast alone.
  • EP: European Plan – Room booking alone without any meals. 

It is wise not to book AP or MAP plans. Depending on your tour itinerary, you might stay away from the hotel and so eat elsewhere. Check with your tour operator first on how often you will eat at the hotel and then select the plan.

Enjoy your vacation on a budget and bring those memories back in the form of photographs.  You can inspire your friends to have a similar trip.

Enjoy a Family Beach Vacation on the Andaman and Nicobar Islands

Summer is around the corner and children are excitedly scampering about figuring out new ways to beat up their parent’s brains. But, you can stay aloof from all the tension because you have a terrific choice of a vacation for the whole family – the Andaman and Nicobar Islands.

Exotic Vacation Destination with Tour Packages

The Andaman and Nicobar Islands is an archipelago of 572 islands of which only 38 have people living on it. A trip out to the uninhabited islands in an exciting prospect for the adventurous people. But, if you go with your family, you can have fun visiting the populated ones with the arranged tour packages. The tour operators take care of everything, from food to the action, on your family vacation. The tours are well-organized and you will not realize how fast the time passes. If you are on your own, then here is the list of things to do, places to see, and activities you must not miss.

The other option is to make your own trip. For doing this, you must have a knowledge of the locality. When you do not use any tour travel agent package, you have enough freedom to do as you want. But, you might end up wasting your vacation time so you have to watch for that.

Places you must visit

Family entertainment is all about getting thrilled or excited. It is about jumping into the water with your sister and brother or going snorkeling with your dad. It is also about having exotic cuisine and ice creams on the beach. But, is that all? No, there is something else. You can visit the places that you find only here at the Andaman and Nicobar Islands. Come and take a look and make your list fast, vacations are approaching.

Samudrika Marine Museum

Maintained by the Indian Navy, the Samudrika Marine Museum offers a glimpse into the types of seas and the sea life. Check this before you visit the beach and the other places. You learn about the history of Andaman and the Jarawa tribes. You can see some exciting aquatic life such as the Stonefish and seashell collections.

Cellular Jail

A historical place where the British kept the political prisoners, the Cellular Jail was the home to many freedom fighters. You have a Light and Sound show in the evening. They imprisoned freedom fighters like Upendra Nath, Veer Savarkar, and Batukeshwar Dutt here.

Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park

If you wish to spend some time in the evening in quiet relaxation, go to the Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park. It has nice greenery for a peaceful walk and there is play equipment for the children. The Park gives protection to nesting sea turtles, corals, and other endangered marine life prevalent in the area.


If you enjoy trips on a high-speed cruise boat, you will love Makruzz! Choose your seat – there are three classes and the lowest is always crowded – and enjoy the ride. You can buy hot snacks and beverages during the trip. It is a nice way to spend some time until the next item in your tour agenda comes up.

Mix in a Few Free Activities

You find that at most of the tourist spots, one has to pay to visit or for taking part in some activity like a boat ride. When you are on a vacation, spending money needlessly is the last thing you want to do. Fortunately, there are myriad free things to do while you are on your Andaman vacation. Check these out and add them to your “To Do” list.

Trek from Mt. Harriet

This one is for the trekking enthusiasts. The trek stretches from Mt. Harriet to Madhuban passing through Kala Patthar on the way. The route is through the jungle and you get to see exciting birds, animals, and plants.

Swim in Kala Patthar Lagoon

An exciting afternoon swim is welcome after the trek. The water is clear and warm. You can spend hours relaxing in the water letting your senses drift with the slow-moving currents of the lagoon.

Have a spot of sunbathing

The white and golden beaches with their turquoise waters form an enchanting enclave filled with the warmth of the sun’s rays. Ideal for sunbathers, the tourists just stick an umbrella in the sand and soak up the sun.

Vacation Pleasure Trip to Jolly Buoy Island

Set aside one day for this outing for your family to Jolly Buoy Island. Crystal clear waters with colorful underwater corals ring the island. Yes, it is the perfect spot for some snorkeling and scuba diving.

The approach to Jolly Buoy Island is from Wandoor beach in Mahatma Gandhi National Park. The Park also has another island called Red Skin. You leave Wandoor Beach early in the morning to Jolly Buoy. This is a Green zone and they do not allow any plastic items here. Before leaving for Jolly Buoy, you must leave all your plastic items behind.

You do not have anything on Wandoor beach and so the visitors have to carry food, water, and snacks with them. If you do not wish to take part in snorkeling or scuba diving, you can use the glass bottomed boat to take a trip. You get to see the coral in the sea surrounding the island. The fare is nominal costing 50-100 INR for a boat ride lasting 30 minutes.

The island does not have any shelter to use for changing clothes or to hide from the rain. So, it is best to avoid travel to this place during the rainy season. Also, children and ladies will find it difficult to change their dress and you must make arrangements for this. You can use bedsheets or newspapers for sitting.

Also, Jolly Buoy Island is not open to visitors throughout the year. The only way to and fro from these islands is by chartered boat. You have to check to see if the island is open before you leave for the place. But, when you see Jolly Buoy closed, Red Skin Island will remain open. 

And, you have some great value for money hotels on the Andaman Island if you want to strike it out on your own. Be sure to use a tour guide because they will tell you things that only the locals know about the place.