Andaman and Nicobar Islands is not just a getaway to amazing fun and a place to relax and enjoy. It is also a safe place to do so. What spoils one’s appetite to have splendid fun in a strange and new island? – Fear! You spend your entire time being concerned about your belongings and safety and prefer to go back to your lodging before dark. It is not wrong to say that that is not the case here. You can be carefree and have fun, now, and here, in the literal sense.

Tourism is increasing

This is one of the most important reasons why tourism is increasing here day by day. People are flocking to Andaman in large numbers to get a peek into the splendour and enjoyment the Islands have to offer.

Safety is the primary concern of the administration.

With tourists increasing day by day, the security challenges also increase. And, they give paramount importance to safety of its tourists. To provide the sense of comfort, safety and security, administration make available safety to the tourists by giving them safety through tourism police and life guards at beaches at all the major attractions. Proper signboards are also present to guide travelers.

Crime rate in Andaman

Andaman and Nicobar Islands have the lowest crime rate as compared to the National Crime rate as per the reports in 2014. It is a calm place and crime rate is negligible with no political or other issues and also people are not of an aggressive nature. (This is probably because of how relaxed the Islands makes them.)

The tourists have been reported to say that if they forgot their bag or any belonging in some place. When they go back to look for it, it is almost always there or in the safety of the owner of that place. They say that the best part about this place is also that people are a lot nicer and also more helpful.

Safety of lone travelers and women

In an exclusive interview with Andaman Chronicle, the Director General of Police, enunciated the vision of his police force- to make women live their life with a freedom devoid of paranoia and fear that has become a part of daily life today. With Women and Child Helpdesks established in every Police Station across the Union Territory, police are specially trained to handle a situation of distress including harassment, domestic violence, sexual assault, exploitation and abuse.

A Crime Against Women Cell is already functional under the CID, which deals with a plethora of issues relating to allegations of dowry deaths, demand of dowry, eve teasing, sexual assault. DGP Malik boasts of a police force consisting of 18% female police officers. This beats the state wise ranking of Tamil Nadu having the highest presence of women in police force, 12%.

Promise of safety

Stressing on the fact that the number of tourists per year outnumbers the entire population of people living on the island which is over 4.5 lakhs, he claims that the society is a liberal one which is an amalgamation of various cultures and values. Individual culture and identity with regard to clothing fades as the island accommodates vast numbers of tourists who follow their own cultural practices. This has not only sensitised the islanders to various types of dressing, but also permitted a liberal approach to their acceptance of it.

The “Emerald Blue Islands” is now marked with a splash of pink. The “Pink Patrol Initiative” of the police force enunciates that vehicles driven by women police officers will patrol areas frequented by tourists.

The Andaman and Nicobar islands are a tourist haven, with a DGP who assures with full certainty that no crime will be perpetrated against women or tourists that will go unpunished. The emerald islands offer a breath of fresh air in the otherwise abysmal national statistics that speak of a degeneration in society and structure. Diving into the glimmering waters offers not just beauty but also the warm embrace of safety here.

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